Work From Home - Remote Business

We understand the freedom and health benefits of working from home although you must look into any and all security and data loss risks that working from home may pose if not setup correctly.


Super-Fast And Secure Remote Business Solutions

Security And Reliability With A Name You Can Trust

We are partnered with microsoft Azure and use them for our remote Business hosting due to there reliability and security.

With guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA and multiple redundency measures you can rest assured your business will always be avaliable.

We use encryped remote conections to keep your info safe from prying eyes aswell as real-time backups and traffic monitoring to keep your business safe.

Easy and Simple to Use

Working from home doesnt need to be stressful or even impossible, We guarantee our services will feel just like they would if you where at work.

Our packages can include the folowing features.

Up to 150 users on one computer at any time.

Seperate or shared user accounts for your staff.

Up To 255GB/s Cloudflare Anti-DDOS Protection.

Multiple Node Backups And Redudencies Thanks To Azure's Global Network. 

Encrypted Remote Conection For Privacy And Security.

And Many More Features

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